Thermal Upgrades     Rehabilitation      Repairs  

From straight-forward part replacement to complicated rehabilitation projects, CM Towers offers extensive expertise in all facets of cooling tower repair. For over 35 years, we have worked on all types of cooling towers.   Regardless of the manufacturer or type of tower, we will diagnose performance issues and offer custom solutions to improve performance. Along with designing and engineering custom solutions for our clients, CM Towers performs all repair work with an in-house crew of seasoned  cooling tower technicians. Further, we stand by our work and guarantee quality and results.


Complete Tower Refurbishment

Piping and Valve Modifications

Mechanical Equipment Replacement

Fan Deck Replacement

Siding Replacement

Structural Wood-to-Fiberglass

Distribution Piping Replacement

Access Stair/Ladder Installation

Inspection Services

Steel Cooling Tower Repair

Fiberglass Cooling Tower Repair

Thermal Performance Upgrades

Fill System Replacement

Drift Eliminator System Replacement

Hot/Cold Water Basin Repairs & Replacement

Safety Repairs 

Fan Replacement 

Fan Stack Replacement

Winter Under-Flow Systems

Maintenance Planning & Budgeting

Wood Cooling Tower Repair

Concrete Cooling Tower Repair